Afternoon Tea 6.10.21 - Wet Contact

It costs zero dollars and zero cents not to post that.

Eric Adams being trolled into releasing his EZ Pass records, China might have something stealth-adjacent, we continue to fail members of the Army, prisons are falling out of favor in small towns, and midair refueling using the military equivalent of “moist.” It’s Thursday, June 10th 2021, and this is your Tea.

Watch a fighter jet and drone make ‘wet contact’ for the first time (Popular Science) I get that it’s important we build drones that can refuel our air superiority fighters. Do we have to call it “wet contact” though?

Stealth fighter mock-up appears at China’s aircraft carrier testing facility (DefenseOne) We know very little about Chinese stealth tech, so this could be just fluff or legitimately intel that the Biden Joint Chiefs will be watching very closely.

Candidates Want Eric Adams To Release E-ZPass Records To Prove NYC Is His Primary Residence (CBS 2 NY) Firstly, Andrew Yang is a messy bitch who loves the drama. Secondly, this is an amazing way to confirm where the hell Eric Adams actually lives. No I do not believe the basement with the couch bed next to the sneakers is where that guy lives. But his EZ Pass info would tell the tale immediately.

Army tuition aid stalled by months long tech glitch puts soldiers' futures on hold (NBC News) This is how you end up with people who hate the government. Encouraging them to go to school then blaming aid problems on glitches, forcing them to go into pocket, and giving them no assistance at all? Legitimately terrible.

Where Voters Are Losing Patience With Lauren Boebert (Politico) Lauren “P-1000” Boebert might be hitting rough patches already. Voters who wanted her to do stuff besides live-tweet Nancy Pelosi’s location on 1/6 and make Sarah Palin’s MILF’y brainless, full-auto schtick look quaint, are shockingly, not super pleased.

The Far-Right Paramilitary Wannabes Feeding Mike Flynn’s Conspiracy Machine (Daily Beast) I’m starting to think that the moment a member of your group decides to name anything after the Praetorian Guard or anything in Roman history associated with Caesar/Empire stuff, that’s the warning sign right there.

Small towns used to see prisons as a boon. Now, many don't want them. (NBC News) A sign of the times, more towns are realizing the facilities don’t bring jobs, just commuters and bad reputations.

Hoover Dam reservoir hits record low, in sign of extreme western U.S. drought (Reuters) This is Fine dot gif

Olivia Rodrigo fake Spotify streams?? (Dirt) Olivia did show the hell up out of nowhere. However, I am a bit out of my element when it comes to sleuthing out social stream data, so I leave the bulletproof veracity of this to the reader.

Dunning-Kruger meets fake news (Ars Technica) The bigger the gap between how media savvy you are and how savvy you actually are, the more likely it is you share fake news.

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Song of the Tea: In both the IG reel and the Soundcloud below, spencer hunt gives you a wistful outro for the bigger chunks of the week. Float instead of ride.

For those looking for something a bit more lively and less ambient, Steve James delivers a solid 20min of Sunny, Future, and Clarified House (Editor’s Note: it’s like butter) for #HeldeepFamily