Afternoon Tea 9.15.21 - Great Attrition

Tucker Lies, Charter Schools, Southern Flying Dragon.

Americans are traveling to a uranium mine for radiation treatment, Charter schools find themselves men without a country, China is reshaping its economy in a half dozen ways, and they found a pterosaur in Chile. It’s Wednesday, September 15 2021, and this is your Tea. Your hump day vibe is a wild mashup the kids are all over these days on the tikity toks.

Tucker Carlson admits he lies on his show: ‘I really try not to... [but] I certainly do’ (The Independent) We won’t fully understand the damage this man caused, and is in the process of causing, to this nation, for decades to come.

China’s edtech crackdown isn’t what you think. Here’s why. (Protocol) & Macau Casinos See $18 Billion Wipeout as China Tightens Grip (Bloomberg) China bans private tutors from giving online classes (Reuters) & A Kyoto-themed shopping street in China was forced to shut down after social media users accused it of being a form of 'Japanese occupation' and 'cultural invasion' (Insider) Because the wealthy can afford private tutors and aren’t as vulnerable to the 996 forced separation from their children, those kids aren’t raised by video games & technology. This data visualization of the $11 trillion in lost market valuation of public Chinese companies since February, neatly illustrates the point.

Uranium mine offers radiation treatment (The Times) Radon exposure therapy. Some guy drives 1200 miles from his house in Kansas for it. Sit in a mine and get hit with radiation. The USA will never stop surprising us.

Charter Schools’ Scary Future (New Republic) Neither party really likes Charter schools anymore. That could put the students they've promised to educate at risk.

‘Great Attrition’ or ‘Great Attraction’? The choice is yours (McKinsey) & We Must Fight The Disrespectful Devaluation of the Worker (Ed Zitron) People keep framing this as some kind of labor tantrum, when we’ve shit on workers since the Reagan era. Demanding workers justify working remotely while never demanding bosses justify the shining office on the hill, is a massive failure of journalism in the last two years. McKinsey is starting to get it, as the combination of opportunities and benefits that come with them, is the pivot point. Not something as binary as remote/non-remote or a single benefit. Humans don’t operate like that at scale.

Why Amazon really built a new warehouse on the U.S.-Mexico border (RestOfWorld) & Amazon brings palm-swiping tech to Red Rocks concert venue (AP) Resistance is futile, lower your shields and prepare to be boarded. Your biological & technological distinctiveness will be logged, then added to our own. I really can’t say that I’d test out a system that requires clean hands at Wook Graceland.

‘I don’t care’: text shows modern poetry began much earlier than believed (The Guardian) Poetry inscribed in gems in ancient times, turns into quotes on T-shirts you buy as souvenirs.

'Flying Dragon' roamed the southern skies too, scientists say (Reuters) They found fossil remains of a pterosaur that had previously only been found in the Northern hemisphere in Chile's Atacama Desert. Flying Dragon, but with a Southern accent.

Did This French Aristocrat Have a Hand in the Deaths of Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Other '60s Icons? (People) Incense, peppermint, and intrigue. We have no idea if this is real, but you true crime people have probably already opened it in a new tab.

Poem of the Tea: Found art on the Triboro Bridge (Editor’s Note: We’ll be dead in the cold, cold ground before we call it the RFK.)